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Cádiz, the capital, with more than 3600 years of history, is situated in the south of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Its urban beach is one of the best of Europe, and of the world. Our province offers the visitor sea and mountains, an excellent gastronomy, landscapes and incredible monuments.

However, Cadiz is a way of living, an attitude to life, a way of understanding and being in the world, an emotional vitalist attitude, a way of paused life and marked by joy of living, and it attracts… it is not only the sun, the light and its mild temperatures. It is a land influenced by the most important culture and peoples during centuries: Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs; captivated by sailors, adventurers and merchants from all over the world to trade with America..


For all that, and because there is more to discover, we encourage you to come to our province.


In addition to this program, we offer a series of complementary activities and leisure, which will make the stay as rewarding as possible. Starting from the point that Inpar3 members live with passion our job, we take all efforts to offer an unforgettable experience to the participants and especially that they live the interculturality.

What we want is that our youngsters integrate and really know each country where we develop this program, for this reason we offer alternative activities like dance classes, guided visits to wineries and wine tasting, gastronomic routes, horse rides, guided visits, and a myriad of other activities that will make the most of the stay.


Our Centre provides  to our students and educational centres who require it, a network of revised, evaluated and high quality standards accommodation. The accommodation possibilities are varied, like in family, including full meal, half or breakfast only, shared housing, student residency, studies and apartments.

We always recommend the student to live in a family, as he/she will get more acquainted with the customs, culture and he/she will have a full linguistic immersion.


Any requests or wish is taken to practice by our organization made of great professionals.

Among other activities, we offer:

-      Flamenco courses and shows

-      Workshops, seminars and masterclass of Cadiz and Andalusian cuisine

-      Horse rides, balloon ride, donkey riding …

-      Guided visits

-      Trekking routes in the sierra of Cadiz

-      Guided visits to wineries and wine tasting

-      Bullfight shows

-      Equestrian shows.

-      Other leisure and sport activities, like surf, bike rides, concerts, etc





This program is aimed at A-level, university and graduated students, both national and non-national, who want to improve or practice a foreign language in the country of destination, and develop a work / professional experience. Thanks to our infrastructure, we are present in more than 84 countries. The collaborating organizations, where the student will perform the internships, are the most outstanding ones; they pay special attention and get really involved in the achievement of the student´s objectives, like obtaining previous experience to be able to access the labour market. Nowadays, the traineeship practices are considered in the curricular purposes as if they were paid work.

The majority of our companies are touristic related or similar. They are much compromised organizations, where the figure of a tutor is very important; he/she will follow up the student's path, while developing his/her practices. The workshop cannot exceed 40 hours per week, and will be distributed according to the needs of the company. On the other hand, the duration of the internship period cannot be less than two weeks or exceed six months, unless it is an educational centre, who in their own agreement establishes another period of time.

"La Casa del EspAÑOL"

As we want to offer a complete service, we cannot forget our “School of Spanish”. Our teachers are native and are highly qualified. Dynamic classes, that without forgetting grammar, emphasizes written and oral Spanish, in order to be able to better develop his/her internship programs. We want you to improve your Spanish, and one of the best formulas, is without doubts with the support of the best teachers.

In LCDE  we offer the necessary tools to be able to prepare the official exam DELE, for work or to improve the linguistic competences in the CV, travel, etc…


The Spanish diplomas DELE are official certificates  which prove the Spanish competence and command, given by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture  and Sport..

scotland visit program

This Program is intended for boys and girls between 18 and 26 years old, usually students. The stay is for a period between 3 to 6 weeks. We offer living expenses in a rural tourism complex, in exchange for helping from 4 to 6 hours daily, and the great opportunity to know this beautiful country, its customs, its people and improve your English skills and other languages. Our touristic complex is in The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland​.  This is the biggest Park of Great Britain in the county of Angus, a wide area of Scotland.                                                                                                                                          Edinburgh and Glasgow are two hours away, one hour from Dundee and Montrose​, and one and a half hour from Aberdeen​. The closest villages are Edzell 40 minutes away and Brechin 50 minutes away.

Language COurses abroad

Courses in Ireland and Great Britain

We have several schools of languages, especially in Ireland and Great Britain, with a wide variety of courses.

Characteristics of our English courses

- English classes are realized in a varied, dynamic and entertaining way, by means of which, the students can develop his/her skills of communication.
- Students who have a very basic English, can learn this language in an effective and rapid way, due to the fact that we have developed a personalized study plan and we rely on teachers with a wide experience.
- We emphasize in speaking and listening first, and then in writing and reading, beside centring on a solid grammatical base that will help the students in his/her academic English course in Spain.


Course in France in the “House of the Teacher”

The student will live with a native teacher and his/her family, taking part in his/her daily life, beside receiving classes of an hour of duration every day. The period to choose from goes from two weeks to three months. With the possibility to extend the period if you want. The language immersion is guaranteed.


We want to promote language immersion and second language learning, inculcating the friendship and the companionship, beside promoting sport, creativity, and respect to the nature and to its animals.

Our camps (in Spanish, English and/or French), are coordinated and directed by a native and bilingual team, duly accredited and with a wide experience in educational and leisure field, animation and free time.


The methodology is very playful, active and participative, complementing always the practice of the language with the different workshops and activities.


All our prices adjust to all profiles and economic needs, this is why our budgets are personalized. We compromise to send you your personalized budget from 2 to 48 hours since you requested it



 Ines Domingo  


Since the first moment I required the internship practice, Inpar3 attended me very well. Support, closeness with all the members of the staff of this organization, and the work centre where I develop these practices, in the Hotel Las Cortes of Cadiz, marked my life before and after. Furthermore, I fell in love with Cadiz.

Laurens Van Hees

(Kalmthout, Bélgica)
I really liked to develop my work practices with children, they were unforgettable. This experience helped me a lot and I met other very interesting people.

Luca MarcIalis

The treatment I received from the organization was excelent, people in Cadiz are wonderful, and my Spanish has improved a lot.  

Nos encontramos en la ciudad de Cádiz-España, pero abarcamos todo el territorio nacional.


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